City Council Approved Woodbine Request to Rezone

Posted in Traffic & Safety

Despite a flurry of last minute meetings between local residents and the City Councilmembers and a coordinated presentation by almost 20 local residents in opposition to the project, the City Council voted 6-1 to approve the application by Woodbine’s owners to rezone the adjacent property to build a 75,000 sf commercial building. In the end, only Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg agreed with the Alexandria residents stating in an article in, “I am concerned about this site because of the lack of outdoor space for patients and because of its impact on the neighborhood.”

Although the opposition to the application was unsuccessful in stopping its approval, despite a successful filing of a supermajority petition which required the City Council to need at least 6 votes for the application, the effort did force the developer to make a number of changes to its original application from 2013. 


Examples of changes the developer agreed to are:

·         Move the facility from 15 ft to 35 ft from King Street

·         Reduce the square footage of the building to 75,000 sf and to reduce the height to two stories

·         Make two (2) of the 66 beds will be available to those in need of care at a 40% reduced rate for the life of the facility. 

·         An additional contribution of $117,504 to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. 

·         Alexandria residents will be given preference on the waiting list for beds in the facility. 

·         The developer also agreed not to bring forward any additional development on the Woodbine site and to request a tree easement.

·         Implementation of newer sewage standards

·         Improvement of sewage line from the Woodbine facility under King Street to the Ivy Hill neighborhood

In addition to the above concessions, the City Council attempted to address the traffic issues created and exacerbated by the new building, urged Council urged Transportation and Environmental Services staff to look at ways to mitigate traffic on King Street by making pedestrian improvements and perhaps increasing parking spaces on King Street.

The TRCA looks forward to helping facilitate and affect these mitigation matters to lessen the impact on the surrounding residents.