TRCA Executive Board Meeting

Posted in Traffic & Safety

Bike Lanes Discussed

Thank you to everyone who came out to the TRCA Executive Board Meeting last night, as well as those of you who have shared your feelings on the city's proposal to install bike lanes on King Street. We had a productive discussion, with input from King Street residents and neighbors as well as bikers and representatives from biking organizations. One point was agreed upon by everyone--King Street, in its current form is too crowded and dangerous and something needs to be done to make it a safer place for residents, pedestrians, bikers and drivers alike. There was also a general consensus that a true compromise may be possible through dialog between bikers and residents.

After careful consideration the TRCA Board took a vote on whether or not to support the city's current proposal (Option 2). While we did not approve the measure (2 yeas, 8 nays) we did acknowledge that parts of the plan had merit. So, we agreed to send the city a letter, along with our vote results, stating that we are in favor of Option 2's pedestrian safety measures. We will also strongly encourage them to delay the Nov 25th vote on Option 2 and instead form a working group of residents, bikers and city employees to arrive at palatable option for everyone.

Please see TRCA's recent correspondence concerning the city's current proposal for bike lanes and pedestrian safety measures on King Street here.

TRCA will continue to keep you updated on this and other important neighborhood issues.