Crime Prevention Flyers

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The following crive prevention flyers address all property and personal crimes and include tips on how to prevent larcenies from vehicles and burglaries. The peak times for larcenies for vehicles is always the overnight hours between 10pm and 5am. Burglaries usually take place during the daytime when people are not home.

What is Suspicious?

Home Security: Burglary Prevention

Larceny from Auto Prevention

Package Theft Prevention

Theft Prevention

City Council Approved Woodbine Request to Rezone

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Despite a flurry of last minute meetings between local residents and the City Councilmembers and a coordinated presentation by almost 20 local residents in opposition to the project, the City Council voted 6-1 to approve the application by Woodbine’s owners to rezone the adjacent property to build a 75,000 sf commercial building. In the end, only Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg agreed with the Alexandria residents stating in an article in, “I am concerned about this site because of the lack of outdoor space for patients and because of its impact on the neighborhood.”

Although the opposition to the application was unsuccessful in stopping its approval, despite a successful filing of a supermajority petition which required the City Council to need at least 6 votes for the application, the effort did force the developer to make a number of changes to its original application from 2013. 

TRCA Executive Board Meeting

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Bike Lanes Discussed

Thank you to everyone who came out to the TRCA Executive Board Meeting last night, as well as those of you who have shared your feelings on the city's proposal to install bike lanes on King Street. We had a productive discussion, with input from King Street residents and neighbors as well as bikers and representatives from biking organizations. One point was agreed upon by everyone--King Street, in its current form is too crowded and dangerous and something needs to be done to make it a safer place for residents, pedestrians, bikers and drivers alike. There was also a general consensus that a true compromise may be possible through dialog between bikers and residents.

Additional Woodbine Concept Plan Submitted

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TRCA Votes to Oppose

On September 17, 2014 the TRCA executive committee voted without dissent to oppose the latest proposal for the Woodbine expansion that would be located at 2805, 2807, 2807A, and 2809 King Street directly west of the present Woodbine Nursing Home property.

#1 –The Woodbine property is presently zoned residential R8.  Building a large facility on this space is inconsistent with zoning, the small area plan, and the character of the neighborhood.

#2 – The proposed facility is far too dense, covering 71% of small space with impervious surface. This construction takes away from the green space and is not in line with protecting the present tree easement.

#3 – The addition of this facility will increase traffic, including emergency vehicles, staff, and visitors, at a location that is already saturated with traffic and increase the parking pressures in the neighborhood.

City Proposes Bicycle Lanes

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The portion of King Street from Russell Road to Janneys Lane is scheduled to be resurfaced this fall. In conjunction, the City is proposing to narrow the moving lanes to provide traffic calming and install bicycle lanes in both directions.