Board Members

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PRESIDENT - Hendrick Booz lives on Hilton St. with his wife, Kelly, and daughter, Madeline. They expect baby William to arrive this August and so are counting down the days of summer in anticipation. Hendrick has been a high school English teacher and varsity lacrosse coach with Fairfax County Public Schools since 2000. Kelly is a member of the Alexandria City School Board running for re-election this year. Madeline just likes to laugh and smile now. While the Boozes moved in to the Taylor Run community in September 2013, they have been Alexandria residents for the past eight years. In fact, when Hendrick first moved from Arlington to Alexandria, he ended up on Moncure, one street from where he and his wife eventually bought a house. Recently elected as the president, this year is his second on the Executive Committee.


VP of MEMBERSHIP – Brett Egusa and his wife, Erin (and two children) reside on Melrose Street.  Brett works for the Federal Government and has lived in the Taylor Run neighborhood for over almost 9 years.  Brett joined TRCA in 2012 as a TRCA Executive Committee member.

SECRETARY – Rachel Malleck and her husband, Steve, have lived in Alexandria for 16 years--first on Sunset Drive before moving to King Street in 2013. They have 3 kids, two cats, and a dog. Rachel works from home as a French to English translator for Anglocom, a Quebec City-based translation agency. This is her second year on the TRCA Exec Board.

TREASURER - Jay Kennedy and his wife, Heather (and two daughters) currently reside on W View Terrace.  Jay works for the Federal Housing Finance Agency and has lived in the area for over 10 years (including over 7 years in the Taylor Run neighborhood).  This will be Jay's seventh year as a TRCA Executive Committee member and fifth year as Treasurer.


Jason Bonin, his wife Pamela and two daughters currently reside on King Street. The Bonins have lived on King Street since 2013 but in Alexandria and the Rosemont area for over 5 years.  Jason works at Washington Gas Light as the Manger of Energy Acquisition overseeing portfolio planning along with financial and physical trading.  This is Jason’s first year on TRCA Exec Board and he is looking forward to being involved in such an active community. 

John Chapman has been a resident of W. Taylor Run Parkway since 1997. A native Alexandrian, John is serving his first term on Alexandria City Council. John is also a Community Use Program Specialist with Fairfax County. John is looking forward to his seventh term on the TRCA board.

Michael Cook and his wife, Michele Reday Cook, have lived on Melrose Street for more than 27 years and have lived in the TRCA boundaries for approximately 34 years.  Michael has served in a variety of officer positions, including President and Vice President and as a member of the TRCA EC for 32 years.  He is a health care lawyer in private practice in Washington, DC, serves as the co-chair of the health care practice at this firm, has served on the Long Term Care Work Group on Governor Kaine's Health Reform Commission, and serves as an Executive Committee member of the Advisory Board for the Institute for Public Service and Scholarship at Shenandoah University and was Secretary of the Democratic Business Council for Northern Virginia.

Sara Gillespie has lived on King Street since 2007 with her husband Larry and two boys, Isaac and Oscar. Prior to starting their family, she was a web sales specialist for Sprint's eCommerce department. This is Sara's fifth year serving on the TRCA Executive Committee.

Jaime Harvey has lived on Janney's Lane since Aug 2014.  She is a native New Orleanian and her husband Craig hails from California.  They are both active duty military and have 2 young children. The Harvey's have been married since 2009 and have lived many places with the military but most recently England, Florida and North Dakota.  They love the Taylor Run neighborhood and look forward to being actively involved in the community.
Dana Linnet is a hard working single mom of a MacArthur student, Annika and a Westie dog, Jake. Annika plays in the Alexandria rugby league and studies Shaolin karate at Old Town and Huntington Potomac Kempo dojos. Jake looks cute and loves to be pet by kids. Dana, is in senior management at Lockheed Martin Corporation and is a former career Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State who maintains membership in the American Foreign Service Association and many associations in Washington DC. Prior to that she was in the private sector in Boston and Denmark. We loved living on East Taylor Run Parkway since 2007, with the exception of a tour overseas, and have owned our house at #30 ETR since January 2012.  Joined the Executive Committee in May 2016.

Whitney Patton and her husband Dwayne Brown have lived on Janney's Lane with their two children since 2004.  Whitney is a Regional Sales Director for Hootsuite, a social media management software company.  This is Whitney's first year as a TRCA Executive Committee Member. 

Sarah Pray joined the TRCA Executive Committee in 2015. Sarah and her husband Jim have lived in Alexandria for over a decade, and have been in their house on Melrose Street since 2011. They have two young daughters and love the warm and welcoming community of Taylor Run. For her day job, Sarah works downtown as a human rights advocate focusing on Africa.